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Contract Management Software Feature - Contract Review and Approval Workflows

Contract Management Software Approval Workflow - Serial and Parallel
Contract Software Multi level Approval Work flow - Both Serial and Parallel

Sequential and Parallel Approval Work flow enables your business to build efficient targeted accurate contracts using a series of internal team reviews and approvals by routing the right contract to right person at the right time before it is seen by any external parties.

Users who have access to approval work flow can define the contract approval workflow using a simple contract management approval work flow editor and enforce the approvals for specific contracts. Once the steps are defined and enforced in a contract, it can be sent for internal review by a designated set of internal reviewers within your business.

With CMx - Contract Management Experience software, your business is in charge to make sure that you are sending your team's "best accurate work" after legal review to the contracting signing party.

As a value addition , using global contracts configuration and settings ,your organization is enabled to add known constant suffixes and/or prefixes to all the auto generated contract numbers so that your businesses contract numbers follow the same convention and can be easily searched and identified later. This simple step makes contracting process easier by following a convention across your organization and maintains integrity and discipline to the contracting process.