Frequently Asked Questions


Trial Version

Is there a trial version? Can I use the software prior to subscribing? 

Yes. All plans include a free 14 day trial period and you can request a free trial by clicking on "Free Trial" button in our home page.Click on Schedule Demo in this page and we are happy to show you how CMx aligns and fits with your current and future business requirements.

Data Storage

Who owns the data? 

All data that you track, upload and manage belongs to you (the customer) and can be exported any time by the customer administrator.

Pricing, Subscription and Fees

Is my credit card and payment information safe? 

Absolutely. We do not store credit card information and it is fully handled by our PCI compliant secure subscription billing platform Chargebee . Our platform runs on SSL certificate based https on every page and this ensures that all of your data including the payment information is completely safe. 

Do I have to sign a contract for using CMx software? 

Nope. You do not have to sign a contract for using a contract software and you can cancel any time. 

Why is CMx pricing so low when competitors charging a fortune? Do I need to compromise on quality? 

Not at all. CMx is built from ground up using open source technologies and therefore we are able to keep the pricing to rock bottom without compromising quality. We believe that great software scales in volume , just like Atlasssian and we follow the same model. 

What happens after I signup? 

After you sign up , look for an email from CMx platform ( ) with your unique login url and login credentials using which you can start using the CMx platform. If you need help , please contact us by chat or email and we will be happy to assist you. 

We are a non-profit and operate for a good cause? Are there any special plans? 

Yes , we support non-profits operating for a good cause and we offer free or discounted plans for non-profit organizations. Please contact us with your non-profit organization details. 


Is CMx available only as a cloud service? 

We support both Cloud and On Premise. We have a monthly/annual subscription based cloud platform where you can signup instantly and start using the software immediately after sign up. We also have an On-Premise version which you can instantly deploy within your office firewall. 

How many Contract documents I can save? Is there a limit? 

You can store unlimited contract documents in all plans. There is no upper limit. 

What level of support do you provide? 

We provide unlimited online/email support and 9am to 5pm Central Time live chat support for all of our customers. We also provide Service Level Agreements (SLA) for enterprise customers running in cloud or on-premise who needs SLA on mutually agreed upon terms.For SLA support contact us at . 

Can I use CMx as a Contract Tracking Software only? 

Absolutely. By default CMx provides you the ability to track both contract metadata and documents. If you do not want to keep track of the documents, just use the contract metadata sections only. 

Can I use CMx to track/save custom fields? 

Yes. You can create a custom field form with unlimited custom fields , assign it to a contract type and when you select that contract type in create contract , all of your custom fields will be visible under Custom tab. It is just as simple as two steps.


Where are the contract documents saved ? Are they safe and secure? 

Absolutely. We have implemented best of the breed security policies to guard the contract documents. All contract documents are saved in relational database in encrypted form in Amazon Web Infrastructure (AWS) cloud. Administrators of CMx software can turn on Two Factor or Multi-factor authentication (bank level security) for all or selected users.